Facial Fillers


We call "facial fillers" to those substances of medical use to increase facial volume and to improve certain characteristics of skin firmness and appearance. Currently it considered to be the most demanded medical-aesthetic treatment by patients.

Materials which can be employed in performing facial fillers are varied and can be divided in permanent and absorbable fillers. Each one has its own biochemical and clinical characteristics that should be known by the doctor and the patient before the beginning of the treatment.

Among the absorbable fillers, hyaluronic acid as the most widely used, although other fillers such as calcium hydroxyapatite offer very satisfactory results and more durable than those offered by the hyaluronic acid. About the permanent fillers used today in our environment, the polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is the most widespread.

Facial Fillers are often used to improve appearance of the cheekbones, facial expression furrows, deep wrinkles, skin depressions, to mark the chin or jaw angles, in the nasal dorsum to smooth and shape the nose, in the lateral segments of the face to create traction vectors that tend to better grip of the face, and also in lips.

After filler infiltration, the patient may experience some discomfort in the recipient site. It is also important that the patient knows that although it is rare, there is a possibility that certain transitory bruises or hematoma might appear at the infiltration site.

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