Treatment of Facial Scars


Surgery scars are a common occurrence in cosmetic surgery. Scars are inevitable consequences of injury, illness or any surgical procedure. We call touch ups of scars to an intervention performed after a time of surgery, in order to improve the aesthetical results obtained.

Sometimes the surgeon faces scars due to surgeries performed by another professional and after discuss with the patient, it is proposed to perform a procedure to improve the previous result. In other occasions scars are sequels of previous trauma or past injuries that could have been treated or not trough surgery but their long-term outcome has not been the most favorable. If it happens we can decide to perform a surgical procedure to fix it. It is very common to correct widely scars, depressions, pigmentation, abnormalities of size and shape, scars of surgery or postoperative complications.

It is impossible to completely remove scars or make them disappear. However, through aesthetical surgery techniques we can improve the appearance and texture of the scars, even hide them in the anatomical context in which they are present. There are different techniques to improve scars, and each one will depend on the characteristics of the lesion, extension, depth, appearance, visibility, and condition of the surrounding area.

Alternate ways to handle the scars consist of topical scar treatment, infiltration of corticosteroids, dermabrasion or other treatments such as mesotherapy or laser.

It is important to know that the same conditions and the same factors that produced an unaesthetic result of the previous scar, can condition unsatisfactory results after the new surgery. Your doctor will choose the appropriated time to perform the procedure after a reasonable time and also will discuss the alternatives for your specific case in order to choose the best procedure to each one, but it is impossible to guarantee the appearance of unpleasant new long-term results despite propose and perform the best possible treatment.

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