Jaws Surgery (Orthognatic Surgery)


those surgical techniques performed by maxillofacial surgeons and some well-trained facial plastic surgeons to correctly place the jaw (and maxilla) to give a better appearance and function to the face.

It therefore implies dual surgical purpose: on the one hand improve the occlusion of the teeth to "bite better," and on the other to improve the profile of the face for better facial harmony and beauty. It is also a complementary tool to orthodontics, since it has been found that in many cases dentists can finish their orthodontic treatments much earlier if the patient undergoes certain orthognathic procedures. In addition, certain parallel benefits that can be achieved: an improvement of mouth opening and pain associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, a marked improvement of snoring and also of the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) by the widening of the air passage through the upper airway.

As always in medicine, it requires a thorough diagnosis and pinpoint planning. Taking photos of the patient, plaster models, radiographs (lateral, panoramic, intraoral ...) and in most cases a CT scan, to perform a 3D simulation in a computer system that offers the prediction image is required final to be patient.

The preparation for surgery may vary from one patient to another. Overall, the first phase consists of an orthodontics (we call it"pre-surgical stage") which is responsible for placing the teeth on the "ideal" position we want. Once obtained, bone mobilization (The actual surgery under general anesthesia) is performed, and in some cases requires a period of consolidation before removing the orthodontic definitely for "finishing touches".

It is therefore a multidisciplinary procedure, which employs diagnostic techniques and advanced planning to offer a safe and predictable treatment to patients.

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