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Fellowship Program Application






The Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and DR.ALBERTO CANDAU agree that:

      1. The Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (SECPF) offers to its members different fellowship programs whereby the students will be able to get a better knowledge and abilities in facial plastic surgery procedures.

      2. From SECPF we consider you are a referent in this speciality and consequently we hope you accept our proposal to participate in this fellowship program where you will receive to one of our members in your center.
1. The fellowship mode agreed between SECPF and DR.ALBERTO CANDAU is Hands On. The candidate can scrub in the different procedures daily.
There are two different modalities of fellowship, with different competencies and responsabilities:
- Short term Fellowship: Less than 6 months. Fellows will scrub in all procedures, but they will not be able to perform any procedures by themselves.
- Long term Fellowship: More than 6 months. Fellows will scrub in all procedures and will be able to perform as first surgeon different facial plastic surgery procedures depending on their abilities and qualification.
Candidates must be certified in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (obtained by medical degree, not dental degree), General Plastic Surgery, Ear, Nose & Throat (Head and Neck Surgery), Dermatology or Ophtalmology/Oculoplastic Surgery. All candidates should be members of the SECPF.
Other criteria by which the selection procedure will be perform include:
1) Experience: Candidates has to explain if they are RESIDENTS, JUNIOR SURGEONS (less than 3 years of clinical practice after finishing their residencies) of SENIOR SURGEON (more than 3 years after finishing their residencies) at the time of applying for the fellowship.
2) Candidates must state their current medical practice (choose one): Practice in PUBLIC HOSPITAL ONLY, Practice in PUBLIC HOSPITAL AND PRIVATE CLINIC, and ONLY PRIVATE CLINIC.
3) Investigation Skills: Candidates should state if they are interested in writing papers, short-long communications for congresses, and if they are interested in collaborate (and even carry out by themselves) basic and clinic investigations. The experience on this field will be measured by the number and quality of the reported papers, book chapters and congress communication/posters the candidate have done.
4) Disposition to take responsibilities and direct implication along the fellowship.
5) Recommendation letter: Candidate should present recommendation letters from their direct mentors, chief of service, director of the department, etc.
In accordance with your instructions, candidates must speak fluid Spanish. If Spanish is not the mother Tonge of the candidate, should have at least the B2 level. However, fluent English will be appreciated.
The SEPCF issues the certificate of Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery once the fellowship program has been finished with the clearance certificate from the Program Director. Candidate must complete and submit the logbook to get the certificate.
1. Candidates cannot start the fellowship program without a valid medical insurance with full covering on spain. If candidates were Spanish, a private medical insurance will be required during the time of the fellowship.
2. Foreign Candidates: if fellowship program duration is greater than 3 months, candidates must apply for the entry-visa in your country. The Director will expedite an acceptance letter to obtain this VISA, but all the papers and the
3. SECPF doesn’t provide any salary or remuneration.
4. The Director of the Fellowship program will support with grants for candidates who meet the selection criteria. The grants could be up to 500EUR / month.
5. The Host Clinic has no obligation to provide accommodation to the candidate. The candidate must self-finance their stay and living expenses.
6. Any conditions you want add, please, write below:
Candidates provide themselves all cost incurred during program.

Clinical activity will be performed in different cities (Mainly at Cordoba, Malaga and Madrid). Transport and diets will be supported by the director of the fellowship program. Candidates should state their disposition for this laboral travels.

Clinical, bibliographic, and patients sessions will be mandatory in order to a excellent knowledge of the facial plastic surgery field. Candidates must write and perform presentations of selected readings, book chapters, etc. Skills in Powerpoint and/or Keynote, as well as having a personal computer, are mandatory.

In long term fellowships (above 6 months), doctors have to contract a medical responsibility insurance for private practice as a requisite to perform facial plastic surgery procedures by themselves. If the candidate were Spanish, the insurance required could be the same she/he has previously (“Seguro de responsabilidad profesional, habitualmente contratado/gestionado desde el colegio de médicos de la ciudad donde se ejerce principalmente”).

Certificate at the end of the program:
- Short-Term Fellowships (less than 6 months): Observership in Facial Plastic Surgery - Estancias en Cirugía Plástica Facial
- Long-Term Fellowships (more than 6 months): Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery - Fellowship en Cirugía Plástica Facial
Program: Fellowship en Cirugía Plástica Facial - Fellowship on Facial Plastic Surgery
Practice: Private
Website: www.drcandaumaxilofacial.es
More Info: info@drcandau.es

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