SECPF - Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica Facial

Advantages of belonging to the SECPF

Free Webinar

The SECPF provides free of charge to its members an updated continuously through Webinars System (online seminars) in which monthly, specialists of international renown, will present various topics of great interest in Facial Plastic Surgery training.

* The Webinar System allows registration of 1,000 applicants, however live viewing is only permitted for 100 of those registered, this is done in order of entrance to the webinar system on the day of issuance of the webinar, so the rest of registered members who fail to attend the live webinar, they can then visualize it in deffered system.

Web resources

The SECPF provides to its members with different resources and tools that facilitate their daily surgical practice and include informed consent procedure specific to each surgery supported by our society, clinical guides information for patients, and information about the current legislation.


Through the SECPF, it facilitates the interaction and contact between different professionals dedicated to the Facial Plastic Surgery.


The SECPF’s members may opt exclusively to various scholarships and fellowships convened by the society.


The SECPF’s members finds great discounts on all those courses and activities supported by our society as well as in the National Congresses organized by the society.

Online Directory

The SECPF’s members will have a public profile (if so authorized) where you can display your CV, their specific areas of expertise, web address, and personal data. Through this platform facilitating the access of each specialist to our patients.


The SECPF organizes a number of training activities in which the members have always preference to be registered in case the demand for places exceeds the number of places offered.

Mobile APP

The SECPF will have a mobile application with a private area where each member may consult with other specialists their own clinical cases, answer questions, ask for advice or to respond to the various difficulties arising from the daily surgical practice.

Pricing plans

We adapt our price plans for each professional